Irish Residency by Investment

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Due to ever increasing global, political and economic challenges, and concerns that range from family safety to environmental issues, the team at Insight Immigration have been helping our clients to successfully acquire residency in Ireland for many years.

Ireland is an eclectic country. It is home to endless beauty and wildlife, a dynamic cultural and music scene, great people, a world class education system and a global business community. Ireland is a welcoming, investor-friendly country that has attracted many of the world’s leading companies.

It also has one of the best permanent residency by investment schemes in the world. The Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) is designed to attract investment to Ireland from high net worth individuals and their families.

Our experienced team will manage the entire process for you.

Why Ireland is
the right  location

It is acknowledged as one of the best places in the world to do business and offers an outstanding lifestyle.

Ireland is one of the closest European countries to the United States and Canada. It is also a fantastic launching point for exploring the rest of Europe — the UK is less than an hour away. Ireland is an international hub — in part thanks to its geographic location, but also because of its close historical and cultural ties to Europe and North America.

The Irish diaspora has developed strong economic and family ties across the globe, making Ireland a ‘home from home’ for many.

Ireland is also the only English-speaking country in the European Union

100 st
lowest corporate tax in the world
100 st
fastest growing EU economy
100 th
ranked OECD education system
100 st
in the world for real growth
100 st
in the world for Investment Incentives
100 nd
in the world for immigration law
100 rd
in the world for GDP per capita
100 th
safest country in the world

Why Insight is the right partner

Insight Immigration Ireland has been opening the door of opportunity to international investors since the start of the Immigrant Investment Programme.

Insight Immigration is headed up by Michael Parker and Gerry O’Hagan, who both have multiple achievements in Irish and International business circles.

Michael Parker, CEO, Insight Immigration Ireland

Michael Parker

Michael has enjoyed a long and successful career in public affairs and government on the Irish and European stage. He has advised clients from across the globe to gain Irish residency through the Immigrant Investor Programme.

He has also been an advisor to  numerous leading global companies including Monsanto, Sikorsky, Dell, Microsoft, Exact Sciences and Tesla.

+353 1 29 39 977

Gerry O’Hagan

Gerry is a results-driven management expert, with over three decades of experience across multiple sectors and geographies. He has a proven record of accomplishments.

In addition to his consultancy career he held leadership roles in  Proctor & Gamble, Campbell Soups, Dairygold , Riverdance,  Oceanico Developments & Bord Na Mona.


+353 1 29 39 977

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